Friday, July 25, 2014

The Unknown

Will he play with PUSO?
(Photo courtesy of SolarSportsDesk.Ph)
"The boys may not be afraid yet, but we're getting a bad feeling. This passage, with its "decaying coconuts" and forest "darkness" hints that nasty things are on the way. No wonder the littluns start freaking out." - excerpt from "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding

The unknown and our fear of it is the "darkness" that we speak of, of the "nasty things" being on its way.

As Gilas Pilipinas flies out West to Miami, Florida to train for the coming FIBA World Cup tournament to be held in Spain, there's a lingering sense of doubt among fans. Realistically speaking, no one is expecting a podium finish this time around. Logic dictates that our team can win a game or two at best, but overcoming the powerhouse European teams and America might be a little out of the question.

The sense of the unknown or doubt, comes by way of one Andray Blatche. The man who is being touted as our new hero, to replace the one that has spent the last four or five years bringing us back to Asian basketball contention-- Marcus Douthit.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ang Angas ng Pilipinas

Hindi lang ito tungkol kay Paul Lee, na siyang nag hatid sa Pilipinas ng kauna unahang  medalya ng bansa sa FIBA Asia Cup na ginanap sa Wuhan, China kontra sa home team.

Tungkol ito kay head coach Chot Reyes at sa mga players na sina L.A. Tenorio, Kevin Alas, Garvo Lanete, Gary David, Jared Dillinger, Jay Washington, Japeth Aguilar, Ranidel de Ocampo, Beau Belga, Junemar Fajardo at Marcus Douthit.

May mga pagkakataon na parang hindi naka angkla sa panalo ang koponang binansagan natin na Gilas Pilipinas. Minsan, parang naglolokohan lang sila. Minsan, parang wala ung kumpyansa at tiwala sa sarili. Minsan, parang payag sila na matalo na lang ng basta basta at isugal ang pangalan ng bansa.

Papunta naman na tayo ng Espanya, bakit pa nga ba magpapakahirap?

The Last Home Stand

In retrospect, the failed PLDT Gilas Last Home Stand was meant to raise money for charity and not simply for the enjoyment of basketball fans. Life, real life, is always bigger than basketball. The local organizers, Manny V. Pangilinan et. al., had nothing but great and meaningful intentions.

So to them, we say "thank you" and that we honestly hope that they continue with such efforts in bringing world class talent to the Philippines all for a good cause.

Were we disappointed with the outcome?

Yes, because no one really bothered to clarify that an actual 5 on 5 game was NOT going to happen. PLDT was correct in saying that they never promised a game, although they made a damn good job of teasing it with their faulty marketing exploits.

Maybe we should blame ourselves, yes, us, the Filipino basketball fantards who were spoiled with the Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant game vs the PBA and Gilas selections that we thought that: "hey, since they're bringing in about 10 to 12 NBA starters, maybe they're going to play versus our Gilas!"

Well, guess not.

PBA Dispersal Draft: Blackwater Elite

Back to main man status for Nuyles?
(Photo courtesy of Sports5)
The Blackwater Elite are here to compete.

Coach Leo Isaac and co. went into the PBA Dispersal Draft with clear direction and purpose, opting to tab names who are ready to contribute and make a name for themselves in the PBA (if they haven't already).

Drafted by the Elite are: Danny Ildefonso, Alex Nuyles, JR Cawaling, Eddie Laure, Bryan Faundo, JP Erram, Paul Artadi, Gilbert Bulawan, Bambam Gamalinda, Chris Timberlake, Norman Gonzales and Bobby Celiz.

Based on the names above, our projected starting five are: PG Artadi SG Nuyles SF Cawaling PF Faundo C Ildefonso